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The movement to deploy high-speed broadband and develop smart city strategies is spreading across the country. As technology progresses, so do the necessities of everyday life, creating a new reality that fiber optic infrastructure is the new utility and something every home must have. Telemedicine, telecommuting, streaming video content, educational research, security surveillance systems, and the overall Internet of Things are all leading us to the ultimate goal of faster connectivity and better communications.

Mediacom Lights Up 1-Gig in Georgia

Mediacom Communications said it has launched 1-Gig service across its Georgia network footprint, with the DOCSIS 3.1-based offering now available to about 275,000 homes passed there.

Author:Riverside County IT

Comcast Turns Up DOCSIS 3.1 in Utah

Taking aim at Google Fiber and CenturyLink Communications, Comcast said it is launching a 1-Gig (downstream) service in Utah that rides on its DOCSIS 3.1-based HFC network.

Author:Riverside County IT

Verizon Fios finally gets gigabit speeds, slashes price in half in these 8 regions

Verizon is bringing near-gigabit speeds to some of its customers, at a standalone price point of $69.99 per month, less than half the price of its previous top-tier service.

Author:Riverside County IT

Kandiyohi County, Minn., Aims to Bring High-Speed Internet to 1,600 Rural Homes, Business

Consolidated Telecommunications Co. received a $4.9 million grant to bring broadband to unserved and underserved neighborhoods.

Author:Riverside County IT

Fiber Partnership Between Axia and Bloomington, Ind., Dissolves

Bloomington's high-speed broadband future is in the air after the city announced its partnership with Canada-based fiber infrastructure investor Axia has dissolved.

Author:Riverside County IT

New Orleans Uses Targeted Approach to Spread Tech Awareness, Improve Digital Equity

Often the people digital equity programs were designed to help assumed the initiatives were for someone else. So officials reached out to underrepresented populations and spread awareness that they, too, deserve a place in tech.

Author:Riverside County IT

FCC Eases Limits on What Large Telecoms Can Charge Governments for Bulk Broadband Services

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday accelerated its deregulation push under Republican control, voting to ease limits on broadcast TV ownership and prices that large telecom companies can charge businesses and governments for bulk broadband services.

Author:Riverside County IT

Broadband, Wi-Fi More Important Than Clean Underwear for Apartment Dwellers, Survey Finds

or apartment renters, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi are more important amenities than having in-room laundry facilities, according to a new survey.

Author:Riverside County IT

Massachusetts Seeks Bidders to Take Over Imperiled State-Owned Broadband Network

The private company that currently runs the network filed for bankruptcy in March, and its parent company is suing the state in U.S. District Court, arguing it has no long-term obligation to keep the network running.

Author:Riverside County IT

Is there room for broadband in the Trump infrastructure agenda?

A promise to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure was a key part of President Donald Trump’s campaign speeches. He pledged to rebuild America’s roads and bridges, ports and highways, which are undoubtedly in need of repair

Author:Riverside County IT